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Vegeway, Las Vegas, Nevada

For every Terrace Pointe Cafe out there, there’s a Vegeway. We were looking for some Groupon and Living Social deals that were available to us while we were in Vegas and stumbled across one on Living Social for a deal where you got $14 worth of food for $8. Sold! We snagged one of those up and found our way across town at Vegeway to try and grab a vegan burger and vegan shake.

Right out of the gate, it was not a pleasant experience. We presented our Living Social deal to the cashier and she had to get the manager in order to get it to go through. Once the manager arrived, she tried scanning it through the Groupon app to which we told her it was not a Groupon, but through Living Social. She explained to us that it was the same thing, and shockingly enough, our coupon was not working. After trying to explain to her several times and her trying to scan it several times, we decided to cut our losses and would just get a refund through Living Social, which they did for us.

The actual ordering process didn’t go much smoother as she messed up our order and over-charged us. She then told us she couldn’t void the sale and we were basically shit out of luck. We ordered two burgers, one fried zucchini, one popcorn chicken, and one fish taco. She put in two burgers, no zucchini, two popcorn chicken, and one fish taco, overcharging us. She assured us that we would get the correct order when it was ready. Spoiler alert: we didn’t.

Finally, we got everything all squared away and sat down to eat the meal. We were already a bit turned off by the experience and we can’t say that didn’t have an effect on the way we felt about the food.

What we ordered

Double vegan burger, fries, chocolate shake- While definitely not a phenomenal burger, it was definitely not a terrible burger either. The curly fries were on point (it’s hard to mess those up) and the chocolate shake was pretty decent. Overall it’s not a bad option if you’re out in this part of town and need some quick food.

Fried zucchini- Overall this was neither great nor terrible. It just sort of… meh.

Popcorn chicken- The consistency on these was incredibly chewy, not crunchy like popcorn chicken should be.  There also wasn’t that much flavor involved either. They definitely didn’t look anything like the picture on the menu… That being said, after a night on the strip, we were happy to have some of these left over to reheat and throw some sauce on at home.

Vegan fish taco- This was awful. There was something in the flavor there that is just indescribable. Hayden believes it tasted very similar to fish which was where her issues were coming from. Aaron, he just thought it was terrible and couldn’t take more than one bite.

All in all, if you’re stuck way out of town and need something quick, skip all of what we tried and just get a burger, fries, and shake. However, if you’re near the strip, skip them altogether and go pick up one of the Wynn burgers at Terrace Point Cafe. It’s only marginally more expensive, you can park there for free (as of this writing), and the quality of the product is just so much higher.

Some of the positives here were the quick service and the fact that they have a drive-thru, which is awesome. If you’ve been drinking, this food tastes way better, so not a complete loss.

Restaurant information

Name: Vegeway
Location: 7790 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89139
Price: $
Cuisine: Fast food
Vegan options: Fully vegan
Dress code: Casual

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