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Wazuzu, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Wynn and Encore have some seriously amazing Asian cuisine and Wazuzu does not disappoint. It’s a little less fancy than some of the other restaurants, which was great for us after spending the afternoon at the pool. We were able to walk right in and eat without a lot of hassle.

Vegan Crunch Roll- String beans, cucumber, avocado, Japanese rice crackers. We’ve really been on a roll (pun intended) with these crunch rolls as they are quickly becoming some of our favorites. The crunch really lends a nice texture to sushi which you don’t normally find in other places.

Palm pocket- Hearts of palm, corn, ginger, garlic. These are a great starter and have an excellent flavor to them. The only real problem with them is that they only come with four…

Gardein Chick’n Pot Stickers- Steamed Gardein chick’n and cabbage dumplings. Another excellent starter with the same issues that the palm pockets have. We could have easily eaten a dozen of these without a second thought.

Sweet & Sour Gardein Chick’n- Crispy wok tossed, pineapple, bell peppers, house made sauce. This dish had really great flavor. The sweet and sour sauce was delicious and the Gardein chick’n with pineapple and bell peppers really rounded out the meal.

Vegan Drunken Noodles- Fresh rice noodles, Thai basil, sweet soy sauce, chilies, onions, Gardein Chick’n. Aaron loves his food spicy but as he’s gotten older, he’s realized he needs to tame things down a bit. So when the server asked him what spice level he wanted, he decided to go with a 4 out of 5 instead of the usual 5 out of 5. Boy was that a mistake! But in all honesty, outside of the spiciness, it was a great dish that had a gigantic amount of flavor to it. He’d order it again although maybe at a level 3 next time…

Wazuzu is a great restaurant that has some great vegan options at a reasonable price, at least as far as the Wynn is concerned. While there are quite a few Asian restaurants between the Wynn and the Encore, we’d recommend you swing by Wazuzu for some dim sum and a drink.

Restaurant Information

Name: Wazuzu
Location: 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Price: $$$
Cuisine: Asian
Vegan options: Vegan options
Dress code: Casual

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