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Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen, Sedona, Arizona

Hayden’s boss had suggested we stop by this place while we were in Flagstaff and we are always happy to check out a restaurant based on someone’s recommendation. One of the best things about Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen is that they allowed us to bring Lulu onto the patio with us. This was awesome because Lulu loves going on hikes with us and we were able to grab some food before we hiked. 

It’s nice to see a restaurant like this offer some solid vegan options even though we would have liked to have seen more done with the dishes to bring them to the next level.  There are quite a few other options available that we didn’t get a chance to try, but we would definitely go back for the pizza alone! Picazzo’s is also really great for gluten-free options and they are celiac certified. 

These restaurants are currently only located in Arizona so if you’re passing by one, swing on in and grab a BBQ Chicken pizza!

What we ordered

Buffalo Baked Wings- These were little more than Beyond Meat chicken strips covered in a moderately spicy sauce, but they were good in their own right.  We don’t know if we can technically call them “wings” but the vegan ranch was the shining star of this plate.

BBQ Chicken Pizza- Traditional BBQ sauce, grilled chicken and mozzarella, topped with chopped green onions & fresh cilantro.  Hayden loves a good BBQ chicken pizza and this one definitely impressed.  Aaron doesn’t normally get into pizzas that aren’t of the “normal flavors” like cheese and vegan pepperoni, but even he agreed that this was a delicious pizza.  Especially when he poured some of the leftover vegan ranch on top.  We ended up going back and getting a second one of these later in the week!

Spicy Chipotle Chicken- Brown rice penne sauteed with grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, chili flakes, fresh green onion & a spicy chipotle alfredo. Aaron loves a good spicy pasta and seeing a spicy chipotle pasta was intriguing to him.  The heat level was a bit too much for Hayden to eat as she likes her food much more mild.  The biggest issue Aaron had with this dish is that it was very oil heavy, which is something we’ve been trying to avoid as much as possible.  It was good, but not unbelievable.

Cheesecake- We finished off our meal with the cheesecake as it was one of the few vegan options they had available and we recognized it immediately as the Daiya cheesecake that frequents our freezer.  Nonetheless, we knew what we were getting into and it delivered like it always did. They made it even better with a raspberry glaze & fresh raspberries. 

Restaurant information

Name: Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen
Location: 1855 AZ-89A, Sedona, AZ 86336
Price: $$
Cuisine: Italian
Vegan options: Tons of vegan options, gluten-free as well
Dress code: Casual



Current as of May 7, 2017

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