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West Fork Hike, Coconino Forest, Sedona, Arizona

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The first hike we got a chance to do was the West Fork hike, in Coconino Forest, near Sedona which as of this writing, is absolutely the most gorgeous hike we have ever done.  There is a small parking lot which costs $10 to park in and fills up rather quickly, so if you’re going to visit, get there early.  We got there around noon and had to wait 15-30 minutes before getting through the line of cars waiting to park.  Right away, you’re immersed into a stunning, lush forest surrounded by tall rocky outcroppings.  The greens that we experienced as we hiked this trail were some of the most vivid colors we had ever seen and the photos truly do not do them justice. The juxtaposition of the green of the leaves to the red of the rocks left us breathless in awe.

During the hike, you cross a stream 13 different times before getting to the end where there is a natural pool.   All of the streams have rocks or other ways of being able to cross here without getting wet, however, if you have waterproof hiking shoes or boots like we do with our new Keen Newport H2 Sandals, we recommend you wear them.  The water isn’t very deep in most places, but there are some spots where it is above the ankle.

A lot of the trail is partially shaded so you get a nice respite from the sun while you’re hiking through the forest. There are also parts that are wide open so make sure you bring sunscreen and plenty of water if you’re doing the whole hike. The scenery is breathtaking beyond words.  The whole hike we kept saying “this is beautiful” because each corner seemed to hold a new surprise. We ended up hiking about a total of 8.15 miles.

If you’re going to be in the area and are looking for a place to hike, you’d be remiss to not experience the marvelous wonders of West Fork Hike in Coconino Forest.

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