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Four Amazing Vegan Options To Try in Pittsburgh, PA


B52 Cafe

The tahini dressing at B52 Cafe, an all-vegan restaurant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the highlight of nearly every item on the menu. It comes drizzled on top of avocado toast, as a dipping sauce for fried cauliflower, or as a dressing on an avocado salad. They make their own seitan in-house, which is the star of the popular Kofta Tofu Scramble as well as their own cashew cheese, which is the star of their flatbread options. You can even buy their homemade cheeses in a small deli case to take home with you. 

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Onion Maiden

Onion Maiden is an all-vegan, metal-themed restaurant that offers a vast array of dishes that are spin-offs of punk and heavy metal bands, albums, and songs.  Items such as the War Pig, the Trooper, and Kale Seitan describe their extensive hot dog options, and complement starters like the Munster Mash, a cheese plate or a smoked cashew Rangoon. The atmosphere and delicious food make this fun restaurant a must-visit if you’re in Pittsburgh!

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Sugar Spell Scoops

Sugar Spell Scoops put themselves on the map because of their Instagram famous black ice cream. Unfortunately, they did not have that flavor that day, but the peanut butter ice cream, topped with vegan “Butterfinger” crumbles, with a dollop of whipped cream was one of the best vegan ice cream sundaes out there.  

*Update: They have since moved into a permanent location

Gluten Free Goat Bakery 

Gluten Free Goat Bakery is 100% gluten-free and features some drool-worthy vegan options. They use many seasonal ingredients, so the menu changes often, but if you’re lucky enough to catch their vegan BLT, you won’t be disappointed with flavorful heirloom tomatoes and shiitake bacon piled on top of rosemary focaccia bread that has been spread with garlic cashew cream. Don’t leave without trying a baked good, like a vegan salted caramel chocolate cupcake that will rock your socks off. 

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