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Enjoying fall in New Hampshire

Being in New Hampshire during the fall is a beautiful experience.  We were a bit early for the changing of the leaves on the trees, but it was the first time we really got a chance to experience the crisp cool weather.  We were looking forward to some hiking, visiting with friends, and we even got a chance to go see IT in theaters!

Where we stayed

We stayed in a small town called Ashland at an RV park called Ames Brook Campground.  While we didn’t have a lot of amenities in the town we were staying, we had some decent space and access to a nice walk in the woods.  Lulu absolutely loved the nature walk and the freedom to be able to zip through the woods each afternoon.  To read more about the campground, check out our full review here.

What we did

Portland, ME

For only spending a single day in Portland, we crammed quite a bit of things into it.  We went out there to visit with Hayden’s friend Taryn and we got some great food, saw a desert, a lighthouse and even drank a couple of beers!  Checkout our full post detailing everything we did in Portland.

Flume Gorge

If you follow along with us regularly, you know we love visiting waterfalls so we knew we had to check out the Flume Gorge area of Franconia, New Hampshire.  The hike itself wasn’t too bad, even when doing the full loop for both falls, but the sights along the way were absolutely stunning.  There are two covered bridges throughout the hike which are both pretty impressive, but the most impressive sight was Avalanche Falls.  If you’re ever up in this area, we highly recommend going on this hike.

New tires

One of the things we knew we were going to have to do when we set off on this adventure was replacing the tires on our truck.  This especially rang true when we realized we had three different types of tires on our truck at one time.  Well, we finally did it while we were in New Hampshire and now we are one step closer to having all of our upgrades done.  Now our tires have a far greater weight capacity and we no longer have to max out the PSI on our rear tires.  Safety first!

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