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Flying Saucer Pizza, Salem, Massachusetts

We had originally eaten at Flying Saucer Pizza about a year ago with our friends Pati and Saydi when they met us in Salem for the day.  We had fond memories of the Silurian pizza (mac & cheese on pizza!), the beer, and the laughs so we absolutely wanted to come back as soon as possible.  The first night we showed up, we put our names on the list and sat around for a half hour before they noticed that Aaron was wearing his vegan hat.  One of the servers came up to us and let us know that they were out of vegan cheese.  While we were bummed about not being able to eat there that night, we found an incredible Chinese restaurant called New Style Asian Food, which you can read about in our full review.  We ended up coming back a few days later after they got their shipment of vegan cheese in.

What we ordered

Space Balls- house dough knots, garlic, rosemary, Teese vegan cheese & marinara. These things are dangerously delicious!  We had just recently come off of our elimination diet and that may have played into how good they were, but damn they were good.  We could have easily eaten an order of these each!

Specialty Order- Beer dough, jalapeno, vegan sausage, & Teese cheese- Aaron made this pizza on his own and originally ordered it with both kinds of cheese, but they only gave him the mozzarella cheese.  The jalapenos were on FIRE and brought some serious heat to the pizza.  The Teese cheese didn’t really melt on the pizza and resembled someone taking a block of cheese, cutting slices off, and placing them haphazardly around on the pizza.  The vegan sausage had great flavor, but without the meltiness from the cheese, it fell off rather easily.  Overall, the pizza was good but not nearly as good as the memories of the pizza from the year before.
Beast Boy- Hand-tossed dough, black olives, artichoke, cherry tomatoes, & Teese cheese- On the menu, this pizza comes with walnut pesto, but they had run out of it, so Hayden had to settle for regular marinara. While the pizza was good, the same issue with Aaron’s pizza was prevalent, the haphazard tossed on chunks of unmelted cheese. I’m sure it would have been way better with the pesto, but it was equally satisfying. The artichokes, olives, and cherry tomatoes complimented each other really well and it was a delicious pizza overall. 

Restaurant Information

Name: Flying Saucer Pizza
Location: 118 Washington St, Salem, MA 01970
Price: $$
Cuisine: American
Vegan options: Vegan options
Dress code: Casual

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