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Top 5 Things to do in Savannah, Georgia

We stayed in Savannah, Georgia for 2 weeks and got to do a little exploring in the area. Savannah is a picturesque city with plenty of history and gorgeous architecture.  Here are our top 5 things, plus a bonus activity, that we recommend checking out if you come to visit this historic city. 

1) Take a haunted walking tour

We snagged an awesome deal on Groupon for Savannah Walks and were able to book a haunted walking tour of the city for only $13 for both of us. The tour is worth paying full price for, if there isn’t a Groupon available, especially if you want to hear about the haunted history of the city. Savannah is actually one of the most haunted cities in the US because it is built on top of mass graves, a necropolis, and is teeming with ghosts in almost every building, including hotels, restaurants, and local businesses. Our tour guide was super knowledgeable about the ghosts that haunt the buildings we visited and was happy to answer all of our questions. Plus we lucked out and were the only ones on the tour, which was extra awesome. The best part of the tour was visiting the cemetery where thousands of people are buried and picked up an apparition of a man and woman spirit in one of our photographs! SO COOL! 

2) Take a stroll through Forsyth Park

This park spans an entire 30 acres, right in the middle of historic Savannah. When we visited, spring had just arrived and people were out having picnics on the lawn, sunbathing, reading, and playing frisbee. It’s also dog-friendly and so many people had their dogs running around playing with each other. On Saturday’s there is even a Farmers Market. Don’t miss the fountain, which is an iconic symbol of the city, where you can find street painters and musicians, which makes the area great for people watching. If you walk a few short blocks away, you can find the Mercer House, made famous by the novel/movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. 

3) Visit Fort Pulaski National Monument

The fort is located on Cockspur Island, between Savannah and Tybee Island. Fort Pulaski was built in 1847 and was used as a Confederate base during the Civil War. It was overtaken by the Union in 1862, crippling Savannah as a stronghold for the Confederacy and also used as a prison. When you visit, you can see some original furniture, cannons, and walk up to the top level of the fort to see the nearby waterways. It’s dog-friendly, which was awesome because we were able to bring Lulu on this adventure, which made this place a worth-while visit. 

4) Drive down to the driftwood beach on Jekyll Island

Consistently voted one of the “10 Most Romantic Beaches,” the ancient driftwood takes you to a place that is other-worldly. We actually visited this beach twice, once for sunset and once at sunrise, and it is way more magnificent at sunrise. On a Sunday afternoon, the beach was very crowded, there was even a wedding taking place, which made it difficult for us to get photographs and really enjoy the beach. The driftwood isn’t just small pieces of wood, they are entire HUGE trees! We came back at sunrise later in the week and saw the most beautiful display over the ocean. We arrived early to get the first glimpses of sunlight and were the only people on the beach. Right before the sun came up over the horizon, a few other photographers arrived in the hopes of getting a good shot. It was absolutely worth it to go so early! This beach is also dog-friendly, which is a huge bonus. 

5) Eat brunch at Fox & Fig Cafe

Fox & Fig Cafe is an all-vegan restaurant that has some of the best food we’ve eaten across the country. They have outside seating, which is perfect for a warm weekend morning to have brunch and catch up with friends. The menu is super innovative and we highly recommend the seared seitan + french toast, which was like a version of chicken and waffles but for french toast and it is absolutely incredible. We also enjoyed the cheese plate, flatbread, and Bahn Mi sandwich. They also have fabulous desserts, including cheesecake, tiramisu, and an assortment of truffles. You can read the entire review of our meal here

Bonus Activity: Visit the Bonaventure Cemetery

Cemeteries might not be your thing, but we love visiting them all over the country and Bonaventure is only 3 miles from downtown Savannah. Dating back to 1846 it is 100 acres of beauty and interesting history. It’s listed as one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world and when we drove through, the flowers were in bloom and the moss on the trees was catching the setting sun, it was just gorgeous. The cemetery became famous because it was mentioned in the novel/movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. We recommend spending an hour walking through the many pathways and enjoying the peace and quiet this cemetery has to offer. 

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