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Hanging out in Ithaca, New York

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We had to make some adjustments to our schedule late this summer and one of those adjustments was to spend some time near Ithaca, New York.  Because of this, we were able to meet Eric Lindstrom, Hayden’s boss at FARM and author of the newly released book The Skeptical Vegan. We also visited Watkins Glen State Park to see the gorgeous waterfalls and got a private tour at Farm Sanctuary.  We were also smack in the middle of another wine area, but unfortunately we only got a chance to hit one of them while we were there.

Where we stayed

We stayed up near Cayuga Lake just outside of a small town called Ovid at a park called Sned Acres.  This is the place to stay if you’re looking to hit up the plethora of wineries that are available to the area, but you’re a good 30-45 minutes away from everything else.  To get a better idea of the campground, check out our full review of Sned Acres.

What we did

Hayden’s boss Eric recently published his book, the Skeptical Vegan, and was holding a book release party that he invited us to.  The event was a potluck so we made some spinach artichoke dip which turned out to be a huge hit!  People were hovering over it and devoured it in record time.  The rest of the food was incredible and was highlighted by a round of Beyond Burgers cooked on the grill.  It was great to be in the presence of other vegans and to eat such incredible food.  If you haven’t checked out his book, we highly recommend it!

One of the things mentioned in the book is a gathering called Friday Dinner where everyone gets together and has a macrobiotic, vegan, and gluten-free dinner.  The food blew us away and we love every time we get to eat that way.  We also had a chance to explore the incredible architecture at Cornell University before we went to Friday Dinner.  One of the libraries reminded us of something straight out of Harry Potter, it felt magical in there.

We had heard that Watkins Glen State Park had some amazing waterfalls, so we knew we definitely didn’t want to miss it. If you end up going, there are two ways you can do the hike. If you start at the top, you’ll have an easier hike, but most of the best sights will be behind you.  If you start at the bottom, you’ll have a more intense hike, but everything opens up right before your eyes.

The highlight of our time in the area has to be when we spent the day at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen.  With us being animal lovers, this was one of the most healing experiences we’ve had in quite some time.  Being able to spend the day petting the different animals and cuddling with them made our day!  To learn more about this incredible organization and how you can help them out, check out our full write up and awesome video.

Given the short amount of time we had, we only got a chance to check out one of the many wineries in the area.  We chose the Thirsty Owl winery since it was so close to our campsite.  After sampling a few reds and whites, we both chose a bottle to bring home.  Aaron chose a bottle of Chancellor and Hayden bought a bottle of the dry Riesling.

We enjoyed our time in the area and would definitely come back to visit in the future!

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